Ruskin Education works to improve standards of education on behalf of clients. We draw upon the best of international research and practice but tailor our solutions to the specific needs and aspirations of each client, school and project.

Our services include providing consultancy to schools, government organisations and both owners and investors in schools. We deliver education improvement services and provide strategic education advice and support. Our school management services cover all aspects from helping establish new schools from license application to full operation and to providing on-going school improvement support and training. We provide professional development for teachers and school leaders through our locally established training team. We help schools recruit new teachers and senior staff and all the relevant services that help schools to deliver the highest quality.

Why Ruskin?


In the mid 19th Century, John Ruskin wrote a series of essays entitled ‘Unto this last’. The essays were a direct attack upon businesses’ lust for riches at the expense of the community’s wealth. Where they fuelled socialist discussion in Great Britain, in South Africa they had a life changing impact upon a young lawyer Mohandas Gandhi (better known as Mahatma Gandhi) who dedicated the rest of his life to upholding Ruskin’s principles and working to change the unfairness of nations and businesses profiteering from the wealth of his country at the expense of his people.


Ruskin Education is all about education first and foremost. It is about developing a community’s wealth and expertise rather than putting profit first. Although a for profit organization, any margins made are modest compared with the quality outcomes and legacy the organisation leaves behind. The owners and employees of the organization are committed to Ruskin’s core principles. We are there to make a difference to the lives of students, to the skills of young people, and to the development of the organisations and institutions they support. Like John Ruskin, we believe in developing people and communities rather than profiteering from them and leaving nothing behind when we have gone.

How can we help you?

Ruskin Education offers a range of specialist support services for school owners, principals and investors as well as for governments. This website aims to introduce you to Ruskin Education, its work and its team. Therefore, if you are:

  • Starting a new international school;
  • Buying an existing school;
  • An existing school owner or principal wishing to improve educational standards;
  • A school owner who wants their school operated by Ruskin Education;
  • A Government Body or department that needs support with school performance;
  • A teacher seeking employment; or
  • A highly-qualified and experienced education professional seeking a rewarding and interesting placement or project;

please use the website to find our more about Ruskin Education and how we may be able to help.

How can I find out more about working for Ruskin Education?

Ruskin Education works across a number of contracts and is always seeking new specialist expertise. We keep our Associate Consultants updated with developments and potential opportunities in our quarterly newsletter Rusk-intouch. We also recruit for international schools. If you wish to know more about opportunities to work for Ruskin Education or for current vacancies in the schools we support, please click on the ‘Jobs and Vacancies’ tab on the home page or contact Please make sure you have a current CV and bio ready.

Can Ruskin meet your needs?

We are committed to tailoring our projects so that our work in schools and with governments is meeting our clients’ specific needs, tackling the local issues, and adding value all the way through. In doing this, we work with our clients to determine exactly what is needed and to agree a clear plan of action to make it happen. Our team of education advisers and consultants are all specialists in their own areas and this allows us match a team and individuals to each project to ensure that we deliver the outcomes you want.

If you are uncertain, please talk to us and we will work together with you to make sure we understand the situation and put the best support in place to help you tackle it successfully.