Ruskin Education 

is a multidisciplinary educational consultancy working with 

  • independent schools 
  • international schools
  • Investors in Education 
  • International organisations, 

specialising in school improvement, governance, school management services and business transformation


We put education first and foremost.

The ‘alignment’ of the key components of the educational organisation, including its mission, vision, values, strategy, structure, systems, and especially the minds and hearts of its people, must be in place for maximum performance.  


As Collins (2001) states ‘Great organisations keep clear the difference between their core values (which never change) and operating strategies and cultural practices (which endlessly adapt to a changing world).’


Ruskin Education Europe provides key services to improve standards of education on behalf of clients. 


Ruskin Education Europe can assist you to move from good to great, keeping focussed upon the vision and values and develop your operating strategies and cultural practices, allowing you to adapt to the changing circumstances . 


Ruskin Education Europe can offer a comprehensive range of educational, employment,  business, financial and governance expertise to schools, educational companies, Boards and Heads.

We can support you in :

Business Development

School Improvement Practices

School Purchases and Due Diligence

School Management Services

Change Management and Transformation

Strategic Planning

Executive Recruitment

School Accreditation and Inspection readiness

School Finance and audits

Staff Compensation Planning, Benefits and Salary Systems

School Reviews and Audits

Performance Management and Appraisals 

Human Resource systems

Policy and Handbook Development

Marketing, Community and Promotions

School Governance- Corporate and Non Profit

Mission Attainment

Surveys for staff, parents and students

Quality Assurance Models