School Management

Ruskin Education provides a complete school management service for school groups and investors from advice on the design of the school and help in applying for licenses and accreditations, to focused support and through to operating a school on behalf of our client. The people at Ruskin Education know how good schools work.

  • research and establish the case for the school and the return on investment;
  • create the school curriculum and strategy;
  • recruit staff and students;
  • find appropriate school operators; and
  • manage the procurement of all the services needed to make sure that the school runs effectively.

We work with new schools to:

  • define requirements for school facilities, equipment, buildings and grounds;
  • establish school transportation needs;
  • mobilise the school ready for full operation;
  • manage staff recruitment, marketing and admissions;
  • liaise with strategic authorities and all suppliers to ensure that all equipment, resources¬†¬† and facilities are ; and
  • develop back office functions, including HR, marketing, admissions and finance.

We work with established schools to:

  • provide operational leadership and management against KPIs for quality, compliance and commercial success;
  • provide professional development, 1-1 coaching and school improvement support;
  • recruit high caliber teachers and school leaders;
  • provide school evaluation and support for self-evaluation and accreditation; and
  • improve marketing strategy and admissions to increase school rolls.

Case Studies

Indian school
American Case Study
New School Management
License Application