Both of Ruskin’s regional teams provide focused and tailored support for school improvement. Where the MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa teams work across cultures and work with a broad range of schools to add value and to bring about improvement, our UK and Europe team have a particular focus upon the UK independent sector and British schools overseas in Europe.


Our teams are appropriately focused upon the core drivers that bring about improvement, and whilst we have professional development and training programmes that can be used across different schools and cultures, we tailor our support to meet the specific needs of individual institutions. What you get is not something taken from the shelf, dusted off and applied into your school. What you get is a thorough understanding of your school’s needs and a tailored programme of support that meets your individual circumstance sand reflects what is important to your school.


If you require any specific advice on what we can do to support your school, please make contact with:

Paul Wagstaff

Case Studies

New School Management American
New Consultancy Case study Indian