Education Consultancy

With expertise across the education industry, Ruskin Education is able to provide Educational Consultancy to governments, Ministries and schools across the Middle East, Europe and the UK. Our consultancy is filtered into the following streams:
Short-term consultancy assignments
  • Small scale consultancy, advice and coaching of individuals and teams in schools and educational organisations.
  • Providing training and professional development courses.
  • Change management assignments and improving the responsibility and accountability of teams.
  • School improvement support for planning, benchmarking and quality assurance.
Seconded Specialists
  • Supporting curriculum and materials development and school improvement.
  • Capacity bridging, capacity building and knowledge transfer.
  • Specialist expertise for research, investigation and evaluation.
Longer-term projects and assignments
  • The design and delivery of large scale education projects including national leadership and teacher training programmes.
  • School improvement and educational reform programmes requiring the deployment of experienced teams of teachers and specialists.
  • School evaluation and accreditation, audit and inspection programmes.
  • Continuous improvement and implementing strategy and innovation.

Case Studies

Connecting Classrooms
Strategic Consultancy