Ruskin Education management services make a commitment to nursery owners to provide the following as part of management contract:


Full access to Ruskin Education’s IP and Early Years support services. This means:

  • Full access to our staff recruitment service including all recruitment, screening and checking of new staff through our Early Years recruitment team who already provide recruitment services for schools and nurseries across the UAE.
  • Allocated access to our specialist early years and nursery/school improvement experience to improve quality and reputation.
  • Regular oversight and visits from our team to ensure that staff are well trained, focused on quality and communication with parents and that the nursery has a clear plan of improvement that is implemented and helps improve quality and improved MoE ratings.
  • marketing support to keep the nursery website up to date, maintain good communications with parents and the community through facebook and social media, and organize events to better market and raise the profile of the nursery within the community.
  • Greater efficiencies through the use of Ruskin’s shared central team in HR and recruitment, finance and accounting, and marketing and admissions.
  • Removing the challenges of managing operational day to day issues, increasing enrolment and ensuring longer term development and meeting high quality standards to build the nursery reputation are all taken care of for the owner.

Further information contact our Business Manager at:

+971 4 394 7760