Our services cover four distinct areas of work and three key client groups. We undertake educational consultancy. We offer a breadth of school management and support services. We recruit teachers, senior staff and support personnel for schools.

Consultancy support takes many forms including strategic consultancy and guidance to individuals and large organisations including regulatory authorities and school groups. It also involves bespoke consultancy for individual schools to help deal with professional development and school improvement needs.


Our school management includes many aspects from strategic advice and license application support through to marketing and recruitment and all the way through to full managed services. Further detail of the breadth of work we do is included on the school management services page.


Our language training is focuses on support for teachers of Arabic and also includes curriculum development, pedagogy. Our aim is to ensure that teachers of Arabic have the skills to motivate students and enable them to reach high standards. It aims to support teachers who also may be faced with teaching English to non-native English speakers.


Please check out our individual pages on each of these areas of our work to get a better understanding of how we may be able to help you.

Recruitment Services
Education Consultancy
School improvement support
School Management