Our Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa team is based in Dubai, UAE, but undertakes work across the geographical region. From Lebanon through to South Africa and India, the team and our core Associate Consultants from across the region is focused upon project and school improvement work, working with schools, school groups and government reform projects.


A key focus of their work is on supporting investors and owners of schools to secure licenses and to ensure that new schools are established, supported and secure in providing quality and financial growth that is sustainable.


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Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa


Clair Watson BEd (Hons); TEFL Diploma

Specialist Consultant

Clair has significant experience as a teacher, adviser and early years specialist supporting schools and early years settings. Following a very successful teaching career in international schools in the Middle East and Africa, Clair was appointed as the Nursery Manager at Watamu Nursery school in Kenya before being appointed as Adviser and then Lead Adviser in a major government school reform programme in Abu Dhabi. In 2010, Clair moved into educational consultancy work, working for a local Early Years Education Service leading INSET on a range of courses both here in the UAE and overseas, with her particular interests being in planning and assessment.


Karen Loehner BA, PGCE

Specialist Consultant

Karen has significant experience in education particularly in the area of provision for gifted and creative students. Following a successful teaching career in the UK and in Europe including ownership of an English language school in Greece, Karen worked as a local authority School Improvement Adviser in the UK. She was an Associate Tutor at Oxford Brookes University for their Gifted and Talented programme and was a National Committee Member and trustee of NACE (National Association of Able Children in Education). More recently, Karen has been a Regional Adviser for the Mawhiba programme for giftedness and creativity in Saudi Arabia.

Francesca Affleck

Francesca Affleck (BA)

Specialist consultant

Francesca is a very experienced teacher and senior leader in schools both in the UK and internationally. As Deputy Headteacher in a UK primary school, Francesca was responsible for leading staff in developing teaching and learning and in implementing strategies to improve attainment. She is an experienced trainer and mentor, working with teachers and senior staff to introduce approaches to improving literacy and whole school assessment, and strategies to improve numeracy and mathematics. A strong and active practitioner, Francesca provides training and in-school consultancy support for teachers and senior staff throughout the primary years.