As part of the on-going project in developing a national framework of teacher professional standards and competencies, our team of specialist trainers began their concentrated input to 120 Ministry inspectors in January. Algeria will see the appointment of over 200,000 new teachers into government schools over the next two years and our work, focused upon coaching and guiding the local inspectorate, aims to involve them in developing a comprehensive programme of professional development that meets local priorities and embeds the new national framework of teacher standards. A team of ten Ruskin specialists started the process by engaging inspectors across the country in working together to create professional development modules rooted in classroom practice and improvement to pedagogy. The project continues through February and March as our team builds the competence and both skills and knowledge of the inspectors to roll out the training nationally during the next year.


‘Now after the training I no longer see myself going into schools as  

   a figure of authority but as a person of knowledge and support.’

                                                                        Core Inspector